ETHEREUM Smart Contract Betting

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Peer to peer Ethereum sportsbetting on the blockchain. With no fees, you can set your own odds and trade against your peers at the odds you want, not the odds that Vegas wants.


Las Vegas meets Wall Street. Your star quarterback just got injured and you think your wager is at risk? No problem, with SportCrypt you can simply trade out of your position in-game, or even bet against your team.


We are the first sportsbook that uses Ethereum smart contracts which ensures the safety of your funds with quick and seamless deposits and withdrawals. No sign-up required. If you have Ether, you can start trading today.



At no time does SportCrypt have custody of player funds. No entity or malicious actor can seize or steal these funds since all transactions are peer to peer Ethereum smart contracts which are open source and auditable by all.


Ethereum deposits can take less than a minute and cost pennies whereas Bitcoin deposits are plagued by long confirmation times and high fees. Execution speed is integral to the fast moving world of sports.


Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, SportCrypt can be accessed by anyone around with world, with no need to sign-up ensuring anonymity.

SportCrypt is currently LIVE on the Ethereum mainnet. With Metamask enabled.

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